Monday, March 17, 2008

GreetingFlix: Worth A Shot

A few months ago (read as: November), a nice lady named Wendy emailed me and asked me if I would be interested in doing a review for a site called GreetingFlix, and in order to do this, she would upgrade my account to Pro, which is normally around $10. Now, personally I had never heard of GreetingFlix, but, when someone offers you free stuff, you take it. Right?

I signed up for the site and uploaded my plethora of photos from the youth group. When I say plethora, I mean I took up half of my EXPANDED allowed storage space with this stuff. It's sad really.

I let it set for a while, and then tonight decided to see what exactly the site had to offer.

Here is a sample of what I created (Note:please do not condemn my use of "freakin'". That would be the templates fault. I'll get to that later)

So, there you go.

Now, my rundown of my likes and dislikes.


I less than three the video graphics. It's a nice touch.

I like that they have a fairly good variety of subjects from which to get a template.

I like that they range from serious to funny on the templates, allowing you to create cards for many occasions. These topics include V-day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, New Baby, and just Photo Sharing (which is what you just saw)


While there is a variety of subjects, there are very few templates in each subject. And none of them really tripped my trigger or fit with what I wanted to do.

You're limited to usually about 6 photos per piece.

If you don't have a Pro Membership, then you're kind of stuck on what templates you can use.

I can't insert my own sound clips.

In conclusion, GreetingFlix is a pretty cool site. I appreciate the oppurtunity they have provided me to use their site and review it. However, if you really want to do a project that is more pointed, you have a lot of photos, and would like to use your own sound clips, I would recommend OneTrueMedia or RockYou! , but that's just because they suit my uses more.

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