Thursday, March 27, 2008


So, here I am, a normal geekazoid, watching my Twitter.

And there was a Twitter thing, from one of the "Big New Yorkers" who probably mean absolutely nothing to some of you. My dad and I watch some of them on Twitter just because they're awesomized, and usually pretty hilarious as well. The big 3 that I have are Charlie O'Donnel, Fred Wilson, and Caroline McCarthy. One is a Venture Capitalist, one is a social journalist, and one has a startup called Path 101.

Charlie O'Donnell put a twitter out that said that he didn't know most of his twitter followers and to reply with a little about ourselves and maybe a link. I sent mine in, and about had a coronary, being the geek that I am, when I actually received a reply.

I had said that I had joined the Facebook group for Path 101 and was a student. There was also a link to my blog. He replied, thanking me for joining the Path 101 group and told me that if I put up a blog with 10 ways to market Path 101 to students, they would reblog it.

Of course, I'm going to take this and run with it. Duh.

The only thing is....

I know squat about marketing.

I'm definitely going to be picking at my brain for a while.

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