Friday, February 15, 2008

Me quieras o me muerto!

So, the title, that's what Nikki wrote on my hand in pink pen today. Why? You just don't ask when it's Nikki. Only she put it in very bad grammar. She wrote, "Quiero mi o mi muerto!". And everyone knows that makes NO sense.

Also, my list for today is reasons that I love my lunch table-

  1. Where else do the tables resound with the sounds of Weird Al and Tom Lehrer? All the time. Everyday. It's amazing.

  2. They consider me a rock god because I can do the entire Numa Numa dance from memory.

  3. The Daily Tribute, a comic that AC publishes every day that never ceases to be wrought with geek humor.

  4. Our mutual love of Achmed.

  5. Mine and Emily's daily rendition of the Eagle Song. Which rocks.

  6. Our slightly communistic traits, but not in the scary way. Every day, Emily divides her cheesy poofs between me and Sam because she hates them. Sam divides his cookies between me and Ian. I provide ranch dressing and apple sauce for Amber and Emily's various concoctions. AC frequently bums at least a dollar from Brian 1, Brian 2, or Sam.

  7. The table typically seats 4, but there are about 10 of us there.

  8. We're all geeks and we are so incredibly proud of it.

I felt like that statement just had to be made. I love my lunch table. I look forward to lunch everyday.

And, closing with Nikki as well, she got the most romantic Valentine's note/essay from her non-boyfriend yesterday. She cried. I nearly cried reading it. It was beautiful. I told her I hated her for it, in a completely loving, friendly way. She's glad that I hate her in a completely loving and friendly way.

And now I must go clean my room so I can go to Mistie's, eat ice cream, and watch chick flicks. Which will be much more fun than the banquet I am missing tonight. MUCH more.


SimplyGigi said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and you crack me up!

Jana said...

this pic of the leg sorta looks like a bare butt upside gotta admit ;-)

The Muffin said...

It's my hand!