Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Slacker Days

So, today is the first day of exams. Usually, I care incredibly and follow all of the teenage girl stereotypes of-

"O! M! G! I, like, TOTALLY hate my hair!"

and Saturday when I slipped on the ice, I even used the one phrase that I hate-

"You're so dead! You made me break a nail!"

I'm such a girl. I hate pink and ruffles, but I definitely have my girly streak.

Anyway, I'm absolutely slacking on that today. I woke up, so tired, despite going to bed an hour early, and just said "Forget it. It's exams. I don't care."

I mean seriously, I don't have anyone to impress. (Because we all know that The Muffin doesn't like anyone *wink* *nudge* Her muffiny powers are too great to fall into that trap.*resolves to go and repent for her lying ways on the world wide web*) So, today, I threw on the first, ok, second, things I saw. Which currently includes a very comfy flowy black skirt, a denim jacket, a white tank, and green flip-flops (thank you global warming!)

So, be in prayer for me today. The first two tests (Comparative Religion and English) ought to be ok, but Algebra...umm...PRAY SAINTS! PRAY!!

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Carolyn said...

For what it's worth, your outfit sounds really cute! :) (And...I'll be praying!!)