Thursday, January 10, 2008

No witty title?

Nope. And I find that sad. Let's have a moment of silence for the witty title that never reached full potential.


And now we're good. Soooo, anyway, exams yesterday about gave me a coronary. Comparative Religion was so easy I could have done it in my sleep ( I am really going to miss that class) and English was okay, I guess. So, why in between the two exams was I bawling and having a breakdown? Because I realized I had forgotten my graphics calculator at home. And had an Algebra exam the last exam period. So I went to the office, asked to use the phone, and started to wail, which sounded something like this-

"MommyimgonnaFAILifidonthaveacalculator!!ImsoSTUPIDicantbelieveiF ORGOTmycalculator!"

It was just the incomprehensible. Nice.

On today's menu, Human Physiology, a break, and then KAP. Yay for a break!

1 comment:

Jewel said...

So did you get the calculator??? Did your mother bring it to you??? Sheesh!! LOL