Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's an omen?

I just dumped coffee on my shirt. This is two days in a row now. I don't like this.

So, I really can't afford to have an omen-ful week because it is that dreaded time of semester again. *drumroll please* That's right people, starting tomorrow, it is----


So, here's my schedule for the week-

Comparative Religion

15-minute break

Honors English

15-minute break

Algebra 2



Anatomy and Physiology


Homeroom (Free Study Exam Period)


KAP American History

Spanish IV


Visual Basic I

So, yeah. I'm a little weirded out about Thursday especially, and then Algebra.

This week, I also decided I do not want to take VB II. I hate VB with a passion and was only taking the second semester of it because of web HTML. Then James told me that the class never gets to web HTML. So, forget that. But luckily, this allows me to switch Algebra classes. WOOHOO! Except in the rare case of me having a date for a certain Valentine's Banquet next month (Boo!) this quite possibly may be the greatest thing to happen to me for the year thus far. It will be amazing.

P.S. The odds of a V-day miracle occurring are about the same as me winning the Nebraska Pick 5. You may be saying to yourself, "Wait, is that possible? Did she enter the Pick 5?"

I did not.

This is what I'm saying.

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