Friday, January 11, 2008

The End Is Near!

I only have two (easy) exams today- Spanish IV and Visual Basic. This means that I get out at 11 this morning. Guess who's going back to bed when she gets home.

Wow, you're smart.

(PS- I realized after the comments that I forgot to clarify. Mom ended up borrowing our neighbors graphing calculator and bringing it to me. All was good.)

During yesterday's exams, I wanted to do one or more of the following-
  • Run away screaming
  • Stab myself repeatedly with a dull butter knife
  • And shoot myself
Physiology made EVERYONE who took it want to die. That's probably not a good thing. Multiple choice wasn't so bad, but when I got to the essay I blanked out. I couldn't remember the 4 types of tissues and where they were found. Or how to draw a sarcomere. Or the 12 molecular steps of muscle contraction. I about died.

Thankfully, I had a lunch period (meaning you can go home during that exam period, if you don't have any classes normally on that period. Same goes for study halls.) so I had a good hour and a half to recover. I ended up going to the library and having way too much fun with my friends.

KAP History. We won't go there. I have purged it from my memory. Yeah. It was that bad.

Rachel came over after school for lunch and we ended up baking oatmeal cookies and watching Legally Blonde-The Musical. Which was awesome. So were the oatmeal cookies. I then worked on cleaning my room (and it's coming along nicely, too) and went to bed early. At 9:40. Voluntarily. And fell right to sleep. Sheesh.

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Theresa said...

Just wait "til you get old. The only type of tissue you will remember is Kleenex.