Monday, November 12, 2007

Things that are awesome.

This weekend was a blast. Besides spending the weekend at a waterpark and then at my aunt's, several events occurred, making me want to shriek with glee.

Wow, that was a cheezy opening. Oh well. Deal with it.

Anyway, yesterday I came home from my aunt's and upon entering my room, found a Dell Inspiron Laptop. This made me, being the Probie that I am, nearly weep with joy. (I'm exaggerating here. I'm not that nerdy) I finally have my own computer. Praise his name. I moled myself in my room most of the afternoon having way too much fun with the wallpaper and screensaver (which are NCIS and My Pictures, respectively) Then I went to church and practiced for our amazing drama that we did last night.

I was a nervous wreck. Remember that video I posted a while back? Called "Everything"? We did that last night with some editing. I'm waiting for someone to perhaps send me a copy of it to post here, because the response we got was amazing. Despite the huge bruise on my leg where I landed on someones foot, and the one on my arm from getting tossed around, nobody(I think) was injured. My Sunday School kids and the little kids at church, however, thought otherwise.

Jennifer- "Becky! Why were they doing that to you? Are you ok?"

Tonya- "Becky! Why they did that to you?"

My cousin, Hannah, was especially concerned for my well-being.

Hannah- Becky, are you ok?

Me- Yes, Hannah. I'm fine.

Hannah- Those mean people with the mask-iz, they were hurting you and they were really scary.

Me-Awww, Hannah. I'm sorry. We didn't mean to scare you.

Hannah- It's ok. I know you didn't mean to scare me. But those people with the mask-iz were really mean and hurt you.

Me- They were pretending, it's ok. They didn't really hurt me.

Hannah- Oh, ok.

She gave me a hug and went along on her merry way.

Her sister, Josey, however, felt the need to do something about my offenders.

Josey (to my Grandma)- *huff* You know, it's not nice for you to throw your OWN granddaughter on the floor.

Apparently, they all felt bad for me.

So, I have a large bruise on my arm, one on my leg, and I pulled something in the other leg. Sin hurts.

Even if you're just acting it out.

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Theresa said...

You all did a great job with the drama last night! I can see how it was a little frightening/concerning for the younger kids, but you did a great job acting! I'm just hoping that the parents and other teens got the message, not just let themselves be entertained!