Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why I Hate Algebra.....

I hate Algebra 2. Because my teacher is dumb. Which makes my aptitude for math sink like the Titanic. This is not fun.

So anyway, I've been playing testing ping-pong with him all week. I failed an algebra test and he lets us make them up if we fail them. Which is nice of him. Except for this week.

Soooo....I scheduled a time to retake this wonderful test. His protocol is that you have to take one day to go over the material that you completely messed up, and then retake the test. I was supposed to review the material yesterday and then take the test tomorrow. I go in yesterday and he says, "Oh yeah, I know I told you that you could review today, but I have a staff meeting that I forgot about."

Ok, I can deal with that. I'll go to book club late tomorrow, I tell him, and make plans, tell the librarian that I'll be late, and go along on my merry way.

So, today, in class, I had noticed a grading error on my test which brought my grade up from a F to an D. Which means that Hallelujah I won't fail this quarter, probably. And so he corrects the grade and says, "Oh wait, you're retaking chapter 3?"


"Not chapter 2?"

"No. That's the one I made up last week."

"Oh, well, I'm not sure that you can retake that test, because I don't have one made up."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! I told him that this was the test I was retaking! I specifically asked "Am I allowed to make up that test?". And the answer was yes.

And now it's no.

And I may pull my hair out.

Also, may I add that this teacher was my teacher for Algebra 1, as well. And he wants to know why I don't have a good algebraic foundation. gave it to me! Also, he hassled me once again about my lack of graphics calculator. Which is in the mail. Which I've told him no less than thrice this week.

I'm sooo not taking math next year.


Carolyn said...

I loathe math! Blech. Pretty essential in today's society...but I still hate it nonetheless! Sorry you're having such a time in algebra. :-/ Hmm...reminds me of my high school days. NOOO!! (lol)

Anonymous said...

Don't make this mistake I made. You need all that algebra, plus a lot more complicated stuff in your future unless you want to end up in a totally dead end job with some major loser as your boss. A good math teacher is like gold, they are really rare. My advise, get another teacher or get a bunch of students to anonymously (and maybe even through their parents) to get rid of this teacher. Trust me, if you flunk out at math now you will have to deal with huge morons when you get older.