Monday, October 29, 2007

Good, Bad- Extended, but not quite whole version

Good- I got an A on the KAP History Essay test with a nice note on the back from my teacher about how great it was and how much I was improving.

Bad- English teacher still hasn't fixed my grade and was unaware that she had placed a "0" instead of "excused/absent" in the online gradebook. She can be a littley spacy sometimes, but that's why we love her.

Good- Physiology teacher pushed back test on Integumentary system until tomorrow, which I know already because I checked the week's schedule this morning. Go me.

Bad- The one case of MRSA that my school said they had "under control" and that they had "taken proper precautions for prevention and isolation" and that we "shouldn't panic", well, we now have SEVEN cases reported for MVHS. And do they evacuate us? No. Stupid school system.

Good- My weekend rocked (details to follow later)

Bad- I had to go back to school today and couldn't sleep last night so it was a real chore to stay awake during Comparative Religion first period.

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