Saturday, September 1, 2007


I about developed a twitch today . Carolyn and I went to my favoritest kind of store in THE world...(drumroll please)....


Yes indeedy. And we had so much fun. I have decided that I need to get married someday. Definately. I even tried on a veil today. It looked beautiful. And yet, I didn't take a picture. Darn it.

First, was a store that I have in my favorites and look at online, no lie, ALL the time. David's Bridal. I think I like David. He's a wonderful person. His dresses are God-awful expensive, but they are BEAUTIOUS! My favorite was on sale today.They even had it in my size. Which is strange because I am an *ahem* larger person. After Carolyn (who was looking for a dress because she's the matron of honor in her friend's wedding) tried on the DB dress, she pretty much had to drag me out of the store. Poor Carolyn. I looked at countless gowns and bridesmaids gowns and tiaras. I was in heaven. *swoon*

But, alas, we had to leave eventually. So we grabbed lunch at Panera and then headed to the next wedding boutique, where we had no idea where it was. I am like a drug dog for wedding stuff, so I found it. And it didn't have the dress we were looking for. So we suffered through going shopping at Burlington Coat Factory. Believe me, it was a struggle.

So we headed to yet another boutique, which I loooooved! It was such a great one. It was called Cherie's, and all the pictures I've posted up here are from there. Amazing dresses and the tiaras were to die for. And I tried on a veil. I looked quite stunning, if I do say so myself. The funniest thing happened when we were there. The owner came up to me and asked "Are you the bride, dear?"

I wanted to tell her yes so bad. I sooooo would have gotten a picture me in one of the wedding gown's I was
looking at. And the veil. But I cracked up, instead, and so did Carolyn while saying, "She wishes!" It was fun.

Oh, and by the way, the picture on the right, the dress that Carolyn is holding up is definately going to be my flower girl's dress. Isn't that gorgeous? They have 50 different colors of roses for that dress. And yes, the rose petals are sewn INSIDE the tulle on the dress. It' so cute! So, that's what you have to look forward to in my wedding.

After we spent waaay too much money at Old Navy (I got new clothes! They were having a sale. A big one.) We went to Coldstone Creamery, where Carolyn had never been. And it was expensive, yet worth it.

We just had way too much fun.

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