Thursday, August 2, 2007

Remembering Tiffany

We are saddened at the loss of our beloved Sister Tiffany Potter. Tiffany was actively involved with our local assembly in many ways. She enjoyed music and was a part of the Praise and Worship team and the Sanctuary Choir. She was also a valuable part of the churches Multi-media department. Tiffany had a shyness about her, but she enjoyed being a Greeter as people came to church. However, she had a special place in her heart for babies and children and was a great Sunday School teacher. She put all her efforts for the church to the glory of Jesus Christ, her personal Lord and Savior. She will be greatly missed on earth, but we have the hope to see her again in Glory.

I was at Rachel's house when my mom called me and told me that Tiffany had passed away. My brain has been going a million miles an hour in at least as many directions since then.

I got home and thought I had calmed myself down. Then I found the Brian Vickers racing cards she gave me and the picture of me, her, and Brittany at the Valentines Banquet 2 years ago. That was the night I got dumped and I felt horrible because not only did I not have a date, but the reason for me not having a date was not just him live 2 hours away anymore, but me actually being single. I remember Tiffany sitting next to me the whole night, forcing me to have a good time. I think she even told me that I was going to have a good time if it killed me. I didn't want to get my picture taken, but she dragged me up there to get the picture taken with her and Brittany. I am so glad she did.

Tiffany loved NASCAR and racing in general, thus the Brian Vickers cards. He was her favorite, as far as I knew anyway. She just liked racing in general. She had a shelf in her room that had racing stuff and another that had collectible horses. She loved horses. She had a horse of her own too. She actually attempted to teach me how to ride a horse. And I do mean attempted. I was very impatient and so was the horse. I gave up on it. I stuck to helping feed the horses. I loved going out to the Potter's farm for Memorial Day and Labor Day. I think it was night before Labor Day, the last night I spent the night over there. It was me and Brittany and I think her cousins, too. It was fun. We went and got ice cream and watched movies. I'm not sure. I may be mixing a few occasions in one. It was a while ago.

Tiffany liked animals in general, now that I think of it. Especially her cat, Tonia. And her dogs. She had one dog, Anthony Thomas, who was a chocolate lab. I remember I went to stay the night when she had just gotten him. It was like she had a new baby. Every 3 hours she would get up and take him outside. It was so funny and cute. She loved that dog.

I think that the most memories I have of Tiffany come from one summer, about 2 or 3 years ago at the Dan Emmet Festival. I was helping her mom and her sell teddy bears, so I stayed the night at their house and went to the Festival both days. We had a blast those couple days. My mom and I were driving downtown today and just little insignificant moments popped out at me. Things that you would never in a million years remember, unless you were thrown into a situation like this.

As much as I miss Tiffany already, I would never wish her back the way that she was. She's in a much better place now, and she's no longer sick or suffering. I can't wait to see her again someday.

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Theresa said...

What great memories for you to share! I've been thinking about the night Tiffany received the Holy Ghost, and how her face just glowed afterwards. And about her quoting in her quizzing verses to me in a whisper because she was soooo shy!