Friday, August 24, 2007

A real, live, grown-up

I had an "Oh my meatballs, I'm turning [age here]!" moment a few weeks ago. I cannot believe that I am the age that I am. I'm turning 17 in about a month. That means I only have about a year of leeching off of my parents. And then me going to college. And then getting married. And having kids of my own who will in turn, leech off of me and start witty blogs of their own.

My dad posted about a conversation we had the other day about faith. A few years ago, major topics of conversation with us were what the highest bid on the Princess Diana Beanie Baby was. Today, I bought a water bottle for Probie....with MY OWN MONEY! That is definitely unlike me. Usually I'll say, "Mom, the guinea pig is writing me signs on cardboard in calligraphy, begging me to give him water. Can you grab him a new water bottle at the store?" But no, I asked my mom to drive me out to We Luv Pets and I bought a water bottle and now Probie, while a little resentful at me for his brief period of dehydration, is happy.

In physiology, we're studying Bioethics. Mr.Cunningham said, "Pay attention to these issues because in a few years they may have an impact on your life." This gave me two thoughts.

A.) I'm going to have to vote in the election next year. I have to register under a certain party (which I already know what I am, so that's not an issue. It's just the making it official that is weird.) I'm going to have to pay attention to debates! I watched (and paid attention to) the State of the Union Address this year! How weird. My parents don't even do that!

B.)A lot of the subjects have to do with kids (i.e. surrogacy, stem cell research, cord blood, termination of defective newborns, gender selection, genetic counseling, reproductive technologies) I may really have to pay attention to that stuff in 5 or 10 years!

So anyway, I'm not so sure about this growing up thing. It's a little intimidating, I must say.


snb-the glamourista said...

yeah i dont really have a good handle on it either.

the lizness said...

growing up is a little hazy sometimes.

"oh my meatballs" I am so stealing that.

Theresa said...

All Right! Where's the REAL Becky?? What have you done with her???

Anonymous said...

Hey Hun,

I have to say that I was in this predicament about the time I turned 17. I've gone through a bit, as college is rolling around, but it's lightened quite a bit. Sure, the realization of adulthood is scary, but everything will be okay. Just think, you still have a year, I only have about 2 months. Sometimes the real word just sinks in, and we can't stop time from turning. All we have to do is learn to live with it, make the best of it, and live each day like it was our last. Live, Love, and Laugh. Never take anything for granted, and just live for right now. Sure, think about the future, but don't stress it. Everything WILL work out in its own time, and GOD has EVERYTHING under control. Leave it to him, and all will be PERFECT! I'll be praying for you, and I am ALWAYS here, know that.

Much Love sweets.