Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm sad

School tomorrow.

See how happy I am?

No, really?


Sarah said...

At least you'll be going back as a Junior. Two more years and you'll be off to college - yahoo! :)

Good luck tomorrow. Got your outfit picked out?

Gene Holley said...

My condolences. Our schools start next Tuesday and my sons are dreading it. It is the "getting up in the morning" that is their problem with it!

The Muffin said...

The Mouse- Yes, that is the only thing keeping me from wanting to shoot myself. lol. That and there is no gym whatsoever on my schedule. I'm definately ready for the college thing, I think.I was talking to my dad about admissions tests yesterday. That was just scary.

Bro.Holley- Yes, it's the getting up part that really gets me, too. The earliest I've gotten up this summer is 7:30 at camp. As I type this, it's still dark out. That's just not right.

Theresa said...

You are only sad because you can't sleep until 11a.m. after playing with toilets/toilet paper until 2a.m.!! **wicked grin**

Jewel said...

I think it is inhumane that students have to get on the bus or walk to school or whatever, while it is still dark. I'm with you on that one! When I went to school, our first class didn't even start until after 9am....this was all through grade school and high school.