Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I feel like doing a deep, controversial, rantish post....

But I got nothing. If you have any ideas for this, please leave me a comment. I have done no structured writing or anything since school ended and I can feel my genius IQ shrinking by the second. GAAAH!!!

Isn't it funny how you pray for school to be over, but by mid-July you half can't wait for it to start, and half are going "Holy Mother of Gerbils! I have *gag* SCHOOL in a month!"

Holy Mother of Gerbils? Dear Lord. Where did that come from?

Anyway, I'm going to the zoo for family night with my aunt and cousins tonight. I have no idea what exactly family night is, because neither does my aunt, but apparently the Columbus Clippers are going to be there? Why? I don't know. Baseball and small animals don't usually mix. Unless it's a slapstick comedy. *mind wanders*

Tomorrow, we are going to Easton Shopping Center and then to Graeters. Yum. Graeters is wonderful. Of course, it's ice cream and other than Weldon's pineapple stuff that they didn't tell me had pineapple in it because it just says tropical mix or something like that and I asked "what fruit is in that" and they listed everything BUT pineapple, and so then I tasted pineapple and it was gross, and then I got sick because pineapple makes me sick.

Run-on sentence, anyone?


Janna said...

One of the most delicious ice creams I ever had was "Orange Pineapple." I loved it but it's SO hard to find.

...And I hear the Holy Mother Of Gerbils really HATES baseball. :)

The Jannaverse

Jewel said...

yep, definitely a run-on sentence, Becky, but a good one, I must say! Why waste punctuation if you don't have to, hm? *grin*