Monday, July 16, 2007


I just found this picture of my brother from a couple of years ago. Majorly cute, yes?
And then this picture of Gabri.....And this is all of the kids on my mom's side (minus James because these were taken before he was born)

Notice my lack o' glasses? And the gorgeous denim jacket. I loved that jacket. It got stolen at school my freshman year. Michael love the coat that he's wearing in that picture too. It belongs to Micah now. Angelene is much bigger than that now and she now has the jacket that Gabri is wearing in the picture. Michael now has the jacket that Andrew is wearing in the picture. And those shoes that I'm wearing fell apart at camp that year.


Ratchol said...

becky i got a blog now! haha welcome to my insane world...everyone run

Ratchol said...

aww u look so young becky lol