Tuesday, June 5, 2007

While the parents are away....

I and my siblings were visiting my grandpa and then Dawn. We stayed at my grandpa's house on Sunday night, then left at about nine the next morning.

Dawn just got a new trampoline and water slide. This was great fun. She also has 5 foster kids, aged from 1 to 8. We watched movies and played on the trampoline, and played on the water slide, and played on the trampoline, and did I mention that we played on the trampoline? I learned the essential skill of jumping up, landing on my butt, and then bouncing up on my feet. I was quite proud of myself. So was Jennifer, the oldest of the 5. We had contests to see who could bounce the most in a row. The kids also enjoyed a game called "popcorn", in which they sat down while I bounced on the trampoline, causing them to flop around senselessly. What was so appealing about this, I will never know.

The past two days have been a great means of birth control as well. Last night we had 9 kids plus me and Dawn at the house. They were as follows-
  1. 4-month-old Mary- Dawn's niece. We bonded as she spit rice all over me. This was great fun.
  2. 1-year old Elisha- Dawn's youngest. He's my buddy. He jabbers a lot and likes to drool bomb people.
  3. 2 year old Angelica- Dawn's niece/Mary's sister. She was definately a handful. She and Tanya got in a few fights. When I say a few, I mean constantly throught the night.
  4. 3-year-old Tanya- Dawn's second youngest. She and my sister kept each other entertained. When she wasn't fighting with Angelica, that is.
  5. Two 4-year-old's , Mohammad and Gabri- of course you know Gabri, and Mohammad is another one of Dawn's kids. He is also my buddy. We watched Cody Banks 2 together tonight. It was all good.
  6. Two 6-year-old's, Michael and Ali- once again, duh on Michael, and Ali is yet another one of Dawn's kids. Shame he doesn't have a personality. (hahaha.)
  7. 8-year-old Jennifer- She's the oldest of Dawns kids. We did each other's nails and watched some movies. She also taught me the afore mentioned butt bounce trick.

By the end of the evening the house looked like a tornado had run through it. The kids went to sleep and me and Dawn had planned on making smoothies and watching NCIS, but were way to tired. I passed out on the recliner and didn't wake up until about 3 when Michael curled up next to me and squished me, forcing me to move to the couch. At about 4, Tanya came down. And by about 7:30, we had children strewn across the living room. At about 8, we ate some breakfast and got the news that we would have 11 kids at the house this time. We got Angelica back, plus Chloe and Canaan, who are 8 months old and 6 years old. Yippee.

Angelica arrived at about noon, and before Canaan and Chloe came over, Dawn asked me to take the older kids to the park by her house. So I took 6 of the kids, Jennifer, Michael, Ali, Gabrielle, Tanya, and Mohammad. We walked over and the kids took their shoes off and ran off to the jungle gym. My brother kicked one of the kids so I had him sitting next to me. A man was standing against the fence at the park and he started making small talk. Something about the weather and such. So, in conversation my brother mentioned that our dad was a preacher at church. This man asked me if I believed in Hell and the Devil, which made me a little uncomfortable that this was the first thing that came out when I said I was a Christian. I said I did and then he went on to explain that he hated Christians and that he was sure he was going to Hell. While the conversation was uncomfortable, I didn't feel threatened until he started to interrogate my brother. At this point I decided that maybe we weren't safe and called over the kids, telling them that it was time for us to go home. Tanya walked over and the man saw her. He started calling her and the other kids names, which thank God, Tanya is only three so she didn't understand and the other kids didn't hear. I didn't even let the kids put on their shoes. We ran to Dawn's house and I broke down. I was so scared that he was going to hurt those kids. I don't think I will ever go back to that park.

After I had settled down, Canaan and Chloe showed up and we had some watermelon and played on the trampoline some more. My parents showed up at about 4 with gifts for all of us kids. T-shirts for all Dawn's kids, two Disney sets for Gabri, a chef set for Michael, and my awesome gifts. I got my Apple Bottoms handbag, a painting of Times Square, and a pair of patent leather flip flops. It was awesome. We were ready to pull out when Dawn said that I could stay for a while to help, and Michael stayed to play with the kids some more. Gabri had passed out in the car as soon as she got buckled in. We ate some dinner and then came home at about 7. I think I'm going to watch some movies with my mother now.

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NinjaJohn said...

Grrr... I don't like strangers messing with the people in the Sr. Youth. I may have to do a quick martial arts lesson in Sunday School now. Other than that, I am glad you have been having a fun summer vacation.