Monday, June 11, 2007

To Fund With Flocking Birds

Yeah, I know that was pretty corny/nerdy, but I was in great need of a title. Anyway, Bro. Holley asked what flocking is, so here's the gist of it.

Sis. Redmond ordered around 24 pink flamingos. there are 12 large ones and 12 small ones. The small ones are MUCH cheesier. I wish I had gotten a picture of the Dennison's yard when we flocked it. In fact, funny story about that first. The Dennison's have been remodeling their house for a long time. Probably at least since Canaan, their 6 year old, was born. So the foundation of their house was exposed and we could see there was a tire in the foundation (yeah, we didn't get it either) and their neighbors across the street are trash, so to speak. These people WANTED these tacky pink flamingos. It was horrible. We laughed so hard. They said that if the Dennison's didn't have them out of their yard by the time they went to bed, they would steal them. Way too funny.

Anyway, onto the fundraising. For $15 dollars, you can choose a person in the church to be flamingo'd. For $20 you can buy protection against the flamingos. Once you've been flamingo'd, you can pay $15 for the youth to come in and remove them, and for an extra $5 you can choose a person to be flocked.

We had raised $120 before we even left yesterday.

Yeah, I'm liking this fundraiser.


Theresa said...

Just remember--my house is NOT a target!!! I will let Sparky out without leash or muzzle at the first sign of a "flocker"!!!! I'm sure there are many others who will appreciate the humor!

The Muffin said...

For $20, no you won't be a target. Until then, it's fair game!!

*evil laugh*

Gene Holley said...

Thanks for filling me in on this!