Friday, June 1, 2007

It's Over *Updated*

My last exam is over.

The bell will ring in six minutes.

I will gleefully prance out of the room, a junior, and will not return to this school for 3 months.

Can I get an "Amen"?

This video has cracked me up for the past couple days. I'm such a nerd, so I get this humor. It's great.


JAM said...


I remember the feeling very well. But I always thought something was wrong with me, I would be pumped at the beginning of summer break, but was always ready to start back in the fall. I always felt wierd about that.

Sarah said...

Amen!!! Congratulations, Rebecca!

I remember that feeling, too. But I only had 2 months summer vacation :( LOL!

Deana said...

Hey, Just to let you know Ive been updating my Blog like everyday...

NinjaJohn said...

Ok... when do we get a new post on here? Gee... you're out of school. Do something.

NinjaJohn said...

I am getting bored here. It is Tuesday, 05 May 07. When do we get a new post already?!?