Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday 13 #17 -With More than 13

This was on MySpace, and I liked it, and I'm going to be an upperclass(wo)man next year so-

P.S. To my two class of '11 friends, I apologize. This is no reflection on you.

P.P.S. This is from MySpace. I think I edited all the junk out. If I missed something offensive, please tell me.
More Than Thirteen Tips to the class of '11

Dear Freshman, you're the lowest of the low, Here are just a few helpful words of advice:

  1. You are not cool.
  2. Everyone does hate you.
  3. You are annoying.
  4. Sex doesn't make you cool & it won't make the upper-class boys think any higher of you. So don't go around bragging about it, no one cares & then you look like an easy freshman .. just leave all the things you did in 8th grade in middle school.
  5. Dont brag about the number of seniors you know. The more u brag, the more we can tell you're a freshman.
  6. You are a F-R-E-S-H-M-A-N.. not a "freshie" - shut up, you sound like a moron
  7. Don't walk around telling upperclassmen you're not all stupid freshman, we don't care, we're still calling you one.
  8. Respect your teachers and your peers. Getting written up everyday and purposely failing really doesn't look cool, we may laugh but it is at you for your ignorance. If your going to waste time and school board money on goofing around just drop out your a lost cause and your really not that cool. people talk down about you behind your back.
  9. Dont think you're smart because you filled up water bottles with vodka/ or coke bottles with bacardi and snuck it onto your 8th grade field trip. We've all done it.. so don't be proud.
  10. Don't post things like "FINALLY FRESH!! LOLZZZ" on myspace. If anything, you suck big time.
  11. DO NOT think that the upper-class girls are your best friends.. they will just laugh at you.
  12. Stop thinking u are the cat's hind-end cuz nobody even knows you
  13. Do not wear ripped jeans and an Abercrombie shirt because you want to make "a variety of friends."
  14. Do not slick your bangs to your face and wear "bracelets" in you're ears because you think that you're Hood.
  15. If you are going to try and rebel, it most likely won't work.
  16. Don't think that you have privacy now. Once you're here.. Your business is everyone's business.
  17. dont brag about how smart you are and how ½ of your schedule is honors classes. thats just more work u have to go home and do.
  18. Dont tell everyone you love your boyfriend after 2 days, you're an idiot.
  19. Don't try to sit at upperclassmen lunch tables. You will be picked up and thrown onto the floor.
  20. dont tell your friends that youre busy after school and tell them u have to go meet your friends in the jr./sr. parking lot, we all know your brother/sisters just taking you home.
  21. You'll never be as hot as the '08 or '09 or '10 girls. So don't try.
  22. To all freshman guys, you almost definitely can't get with the class of '08 or '09 '10, so stop trying.
  23. Don't try to say you're older than you really are. The way you walk, dress & talk just has freshman written all over you.
  24. Your name is "the class of 11." HAHA.. enough said.
  25. Don' t try to pull that garbage "Well you were freshmen once..." STOP! We know that we were freshmen, but we arent anymore so shut up.
  26. The day you mess with our boyfriend/girlfriend, you'll never enjoy high school again.
  27. - DO NOT crowd our halls like cattle, because the upper classmen can (& most likely will), push you out of the way. You will get hurt
  28. -Don't RUN class to class...I mean literally RUN. You have time. If you run class to class, we can so tell you're a freshman.
Believe me---You CANT win. Have FUN being a freshman...for a fun-filled year with NO life and NO opinion whatsoever.

The Classes of '08, '09, '10


Tink said...

Funny list! I'm glad I'm not a freshman anymore... ;-)
Google helped me to make my TT this week!

pussreboots said...

And when the graduate I'll be attending my 20th reunion. *Sigh* At least we had a cool palendrome year.

Cheryl said...

How funny. Now I feel old. My 10 year high school reunion is next month. Whippersnapper!

NinjaJohn said...

Kids... I remember picking on freshmen. Good times.

Sue said...

Fun list! It's been a very long time since I was a freshman.

sobeit said...

I love reading this. We posted this list in our building for the elementary students to read. Many of them enjoyed it....but not as much as the teachers!!! lol Thanks for sharing!!! Happy TT!

Judy Callarman said...

This is funny--poor ol' freshmen! I remember those days, many years ago, and I'm glad they're gone!

Sarah said...

Whippersnappers, indeed! I'm coming up to my 15 year high school reunion.

I feel officially old now.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Heh heh...I just attended my 10 year. ;)
Great list, though. I remember those awkward fresman days! I don't miss 'em a bit.

Thanks for dropping by.

Wylie Kinson said...

Goodness - I'm so glad I'm not in high school anymore! When I went 20 *cough* yrs ago they were much gentler times...

Tina said...

Hahaha, this is funny! I remember back when I was a frosh (we call freshmen in our school frosh instead of freshies) in college, we were all conscious about how we act and dress and stuff, but then we realized we shouldn't be so we loosened up. But that didn't stop us from making fun of the frosh batch after us. Wohoo. =))

Happy Thursday! :)

Emma Wayne Porter said...

Oh man... the flashbacks.

Luckily for me, our school system left the freshmen in the middle school. We didn't get thrown to the sharks until 10th.

I think I dodged a major bullet there, sounds like =)

Good luck next year.

gem said...

I'm glad I'm not in high school. People spend way too much time nosing in other people's business, making snap judgments, and telling others what to do. Now I'm remembering why I hated high school.

Jane said...

Great list. I remember being a freshman, MANY years ago. I am glad you survived it.
Good luck on your ACT and SAT.
Thanks for coming by my T13.

Christine d'Abo said...

LOL I so remember being a freshman. I loveed going to university. Good luck with everything!

Lara Croft said...

You forgot one life's lesson: When people put you down and are mean to you it is usually about 'them', not you. It's about their insecurities and how you remind them of those or they're jealous because you don't seem to have those problems. Rock on girl and stay strong.

Gattina said...

Just because ... everybody knows me, lol !

JAM said...

I had a blast as a freshman, but I was bigger than most of the seniors, so that helped a lot.

Sadly, some of these same sentiments will still be valid when you get out of college and joing the workforce at an office.

Thanks for reminding me just how glad I am that my high school years are long gone.

Hope you enjoy being a senior.

Alasandra said...

Thanks for visiting my TT.

I feel really old. I have a son in his 3rd year of college. Did I mention he started college at 16, so subtract a few years from my age please.................

Douglas Cootey said...

I went to school with the person who wrote this list. I'm sure of it. :D

@Gale - Is the adult world any different than that? LOL

My Thursday Thirteen

The Splintered Mind - Overcoming Neurological Disabilities With Lots Of Humor And Attitude

Dane Bramage said...

Ah school. Freshmen were at the top of the food chain when I was in school. We ruled Jr. High. Then I went to prep school as a sophomore and got to pick on Freshmen! How cool was that? (Sure, it was back in the stone ages but I still remember.)

Thanks for visiting my Thursday 13 #42 A 13 Point Comparison of Colorado and Ohio. (and my friend Scott thanks you too!)

Stine said...

Ha ha. Poor lambs...
Thanks for the visit.

Mz Jackson said...

This is really cute and it brings back memories of a time I wouldn't live through for a million bucks.
Well, maybe a billion...

Amy Ruttan said...

Ah memories of being a freshman over a decade ago. Man I'm old. Great TT and thanks for dropping by mine.

gabriella hewitt said...

Very funny. Somehow I don't remember caring too much what the freshman thought or were doing. On the other hand, I remember what a big deal it was to finally become a freshman and go to high school. LOL! Thanks for stopping by my TT.

FRIGGA said...

Do upclassman still stuff freshman into trashcans?

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Oh, I'm so glad those days are behind me!

When I went to high school, we were bussed to another part of town (economically depressed) where we only knew the people who came with us from our jr. high. We were the minority. In the end, it was a good 4 years and I learned a lot but man was I terrified my first year, not so much of the people from the 'hood, but of the upper classmen!