Monday, May 21, 2007

This is me....

Go figure. I like this picture of me. Except for that suspicous green light to the side, which I am clueless as to what exactly it is. And the stupid photo editor won't let me crop it out without a big white splotch where it once was. Aggggh!

This is also a rare image of me with a tooth smile. I hate my tooth smile. As you can see by the gap, I have a fang. Ick. No fun. This will eventually need to be repaired by braces. Goody.

I love my hair. Kelli did it for the HOP thing last night, which was a blast by the way. I love it, but as simple as it is to do, I can't figure out how to get my hair to do it. She did this with nothing but 2 bobby pins and some hairspray. She's amazing. It's official.

And my outfit, which you can't see, also rocks. It's my favorite black jacket and a long skirt.

I'm sorry, this is a vain post. I know. *insert Carly Simon song here* I just never take a picture of myself that I like, and I liked this one. I also will never cease to be amazed at how good of pictures my camera phone takes.

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Deana said...

Hey!!!!! I think you look really HOTTT in this pic! lol now this is the Becky that I love! lol
And That girl at that really SOOOO reminded me of you.... lol