Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Scream Team

Cedar Point yesterday was pretty much one of the most fun days I've ever had. I hadn't been there since I was 6, and I had only ridden one roller coaster before yesterday, so it was definately an experience.

My meanie of a cousin, Mistie, told me she was going to make me ride three roller coasters with her. The first of these was Iron Dragon. John, Mistie, Garret, and I didn't have a wait at all for the ride. We got right on, which was good, so I didn't have a chance to chicken out. We went up the first hill and I was freaking out. I mean just going insane. After that first drop, it was a blast. The ride has two hills and drags you through a huge cloud of mist. It only goes about 45 MPH, so it's more of a starter coaster. It was good for me though. It was great. I ended up riding it two more times.

I did chicken out of the Corkscrew the first time we got in line. Mistie said that her back hurt, so she didn't want to go on it. I used this as a great excuse to get out of it. So John and Garret went along by themselves and we waited on the sidelines. Later in the day, I ended up running into Rachel (what are the odds?) and we rode the coaster with her sister and step-dad. Anna, her sister, is scared of heights and speed. Yet, she rode on the ride. Genius. So we take off and after the first hill, we just started screaming. You go over 3, yes 3, loops in this ride. It was SO COOL! Terrifying beyond belief, but so cool.

Did I mention the throngs of Pentecostals there yesterday? I mean, I saw so many people from camp that it wasn't even funny. I saw Rachael Walters, Rose Pamer, Jared Condon, the Williamsons, and a ton of others. It was amazing.

The Cedar Creek Mine Ride is one of the most hilarious rides on earth. Seriously. Brittany McNamara, John, Mistie, and I rode it. Sis. Redmond thought it looked too scary and rough, so she chickened out. We mocked her to scorn for this. It is a hilarious ride. The first drop is a whole *gasp* one foot. The ride is so pathetic that it's funny. It's great.

Before I rode the Mine Ride I rode the most fun ride ever. This ride is simply amazing. I less than three it and rode it twice in a row. Snake River Falls is just so incredibly COOL!!!!! You drop 80 feet at a 52 degree angle so fast that it feels like you're free falling. And you get drenched. A tidal wave 30 feet long and 64 feet wide hits you at the end of the slide.

After I rode the Iron Dragon (yeah, I know I'm going out of order here) I went on Disaster Transport. There isn't really a lot to say about that ride. Pretty much just like Iron Dragon except for plummeting into darkness. And that Mistie didn't warn me to take my glasses off so I had to hold them onto my face the whole time. Good times (not.)

Late in the evening, I made myself a promise. I said "Self, you are going to ride one big ride if it kills you. And with all the rides breaking down like they have been today, that is a great possibility." So, my dear friend Rachel Fortner and I decided to go ride Magnum. Unfortunately, the wait for Magnum was 1 1/2 hours. So we pressed on to the Gemini. I have a terrible phobia of wooden coasters. I'm not big on going up hills as it is, but that whole creaking on wooden coasters gives me the heebie jeebies. But we went on Gemini anyway. It's 60 MPH and drops you 115 feet. Righteous. So, we get on the ride, which Rachel assures is an easy one, but then halfway up the hill she says, "You know, this may be the one that lifts you out of your seat."
"It what?"
"It may be Magnum, I'm not sure, but I think this is the one that lifts you out of the seat."
"Rachel, you better pray it's not. If it is, I'm going to hurt you."

Indeed it was the one that lifts you. I resisted the urge to push her off of the Mean Streak later on for this. I should have, and she knows it (muahahaha) She was laughing at me the whole time I was on the Gemini and the Mean Streak. I was visibly and audibly praying. I think we could have had a revival on those rides if we had stayed on there any longer.

Speaking of the Mean Streak, this was my favorite coaster that I rode yesterday. You will be perhaps-not-so-interested to know that yours truly has ridden one of America's tallest, fastest wooden coasters. Twice in a row. Booyah.

Honestly, I was terrified. Before we pushed off the hill, I screamed at the operators to "let me off this death machine". They didn't and after the first hill, I was fine. Rachel did indeed get smote. With a cloud of bugs. Which she swallowed. I told her it serves her right for laughing at me. We rode it twice. After this we had such a great adrenaline rush that we decided that we wanted to ride the monster and king of all coasters (except for the Dragster)- The Millennium Force.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to. Because we were good children at decided we were going to be back at the van at 9:30 as we were told and the wait was 45 minutes and it was 8:27 at that time, and the van was a good wait. I was quite bummed. We also decided to see what the wait for the Dragster was, but after seeing the line, I was scared to ask. So off to the van we went. And our feet almost fell off.

It turned out that with the time we got out, we could have probably ridden BOTH of the coasters. We had an incident with one of the kids getting lost, turning herself in, and calling her parents, which meant we couldn't get out until 10:30. I was so mad. I wanted to ride Millennium so badly. I will eventually.


the lizness said...

you chickened out of the corkscrew? gurl. Me and Sica rode that thing 3 times in a row when we were spring chickens younger than you.

NinjaJohn said...

Liz, I tried to get her to ride. Was very sad when she didn't that first time.

The Muffin said...

Hey, I didn't like the idea of flipping upside down! And Mistie chickened out, too! Sorta.

Theresa said...

How did you like the shaking that the Mine Ride gives you?? I told you it wasn't much of a ride, but it was wicked in the way it yanks you around. Which child got lost???

The Muffin said...

One of the visitors got lost. The shaking was amazing! I thought I was going to hit my head on a beam.