Monday, May 7, 2007

Interesting conversations...

3rd Period World Studies-

Cute History Teacher- Rebecca, will you plug this in for me?
Me- Ok.
Kris-Watch, Mr. Gottke, she's gonna end up getting electrocuted or something.
CHT-Well if she does, then...
Me- I'll get out of school!
CHT- Well, yeah. But you'll be electrocuted..
Me- Well, I supposed it does have it's downside...

About 5:30-

Me on Deana's voicemail- THE EC LIGHT IS GREEN!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!

(Don't ask. I don't like giving out details.)

1 comment:

the lizness said...

Gottke - ummmm - he graduated a year after me. And he's your Cute History Teacher.