Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I May Cry....

I was looking forward to doing something other than camp this summer. I was going to act.
Bruce Jacklin and Company (AKA-The Players) put on a musical every summer. I was going to audition. The play this year is awesome. Beauty and the Beast. Last year was Brigadoon. I'd say they're moving up. Anywho, I was going to audition for the play and spend my summer increasing my resume for Marietta and Akron. I was psyched.
But guess what? My life just can NOT just ONCE go as planned.
Auditions were 2 weeks ago.
AGGGGHHH!!!! EVERY year they announce it at school, but the one year that they don't is the one that they do a good play!
My life chews watermelon gum sometimes.


Deana said...

Hey becky!
How are things going? I updated my blog... check it out... there is a funny story on there... sorry I didnt call you today... they story explains it a little... lol
well I gotta go to bed after I study for my science test... and I really dont want to.... lol well i love ya and miss talking to you! I have to talk to you about camp some time like tomorrow or sometime soon.... yeah anyway I will talk to you later!

Jewel said...

Well, just maybe the Lord knows that you didn't need to be all wrapped up in a production this summer? "My life is in His hands." So don't agonize over it too much, k? ((HUGS))