Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why is it so scary?

So, tonight I was on SparkNotes, which I love by the way, to research a wonderful subject that is becoming quite important in my life. College.

Ever since I was little, college people always seemed so cool. I watched Extremely Goofy Movie where Goofy and his son, Max, go to college. It looked so fun. Max didn't have his first class till noon, and people goofed off. Highly appealing.

Now, next year, I have to take ACT and SAT. Ick. This freaks me out. A lot. I will be an upperclass(wo)man next year. A junior. Wow. That's just terrifying to me. In two years I have to leave home and go to a school, where my success or failure will impact whether or not I become a bum on a street corner or forever asking "Would you like fries with that?".

I am looking at two colleges at the moment, which is probably getting a little ahead because even for early admission I have to wait for next year. I'm looking at UA and Capital. I think that Capital's Theatre Arts program looks better, but I am loving the price tag of UA. $7,000 tuition. I'm loving that.

Plus, I have to find out what else I am going to take with Theatre Arts. I thought about Education, Journalism, Pop Culture, Acting(HA!). I dunno.

Plus, then there's housing. I looked at the "Students Say" section of the two schools on SparkNotes. Capital students say that their dorms are pretty nasty and Akron is more "eh. Whatever." Same with the layout of campus.

Shall we move on to professors and classes? Capital people say that the professors are overly invasive and Akron says that they're kinda "eh. whatever." Classes are apparently good at both.

So, as you can see, I'm stressing. Not good times.

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