Tuesday, April 10, 2007


School has been highly average of late. Not much going on at all. We're reading Lord of the Flies in English, which I love. Piggy rocks my socks. Even if he is a wimp. Poor guy. Stupid Jack.

Anyway, also in English, I discovered something. I love Dove chocolate. It is the most flippin' delicious thing to grace the planet. As someone who has hated plain chocolate, I am reeeeally starting to get into it. I have discovered that if you suck on it rather than eat it, it tastes much better.

I'm going to a Leadership conference in Columbus next Thursday for FCCLA, because, as we all know, presidents need to be leaderly and all. Yay.

Speaking of yayness, my dear friend The Lizness has some exciting news on her blog. Total and complete yayness.

Also yayness, I finished the blankie I was making for, as my sister calls her, "Buckenda". For those of you who don't speak Gabri, this is Makenna. I gave the blanket to Sis. Andrea last night and she loved it. Much rockiness. (Liz, I'm starting to talk like you with the suffix "ness" after everything. Is that bad?)

So, I feel like doing a ranty post. I'm going to try to do one serious post per week, so if you have any ideas, throw them at me. But please be gentle and wait till I have my protective gear on. (Sorry corny joke alert)

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Elena Jade said...

Dove chocolate is amazing. I love the stuff. Can't get enough. Especially during pregnancy, when I go into the whole craving overload. Which is in full swing at the moment.

I've always wanted to learn how to knit, but never got around to it. Maybe once my kids are a little older.