Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lock-In Fun

I got home at about 6:30 AM. It was an interesting night.

I went to ladies prayer with my grandma, and then from there got on the van to go to Hilliard. I got to navigate, against probably some people's best interests. But all in all, other than a few detours and wrong turns, we got to the YMCA all right.

I sat being bored for about 1 or 2 hours, thinking, "Man, I really just wasted $15." I was on the phone for a while and then my friend, Cassie, found me and introduced me to her boyfriend and her other friends. We bonded over how bored we were and talked until about 4 AM. By this point we were slap happy.

Slap happy people are kinda like drunks. You have your funny, angry, or pass out. I'm a funny slaphapper. The most obscure things make me break out into laughter. For example, last night, Brad said, "I think it's about 3:40," referring to the time, and I fell out of my chair laughing. No idea what was so funny. So then I found the rest of my youth group, and joined with Kelli, who was also slap happy, and we were laughing our heads off about lord-knows-what.

We left at 4:40. We drove for a while and stopped at a truck stop for a few kids parents who live in the outskirty area could pick them up. Also, I got sick while we were there. Ick. In a public bathroom, no less. That alone made me want to hurl.

We got back to the annex at about 6. I locked myself in a bathroom, and when I emerged, I found people on the other side of the room, (non-intentionally) hearing my lovely concert of hacking up my lungs. On the upside, they hope I feel better.

I feel much better now, though. I think it was something bad I ate or too much sugar. I got the shakes along with all that too, so I'm not sure. All I know is, I'm not going anywhere today. At all.

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