Saturday, April 28, 2007

Desperate, she asks?

So imagine this-

Yesterday at lunch I was sitting at the table with Emily and Liz (not ness) and I'm whining about this guy at school who likes me. (This guy in my gym and biology likes me and he writes my name all over his folders and stuff. Ew. More on this at a later time by request only.) And Emily, the anti-dater, asks me-

"Well, Rebecca, you're single and looking. Why not jump on the oppurtunity?"
"Emily, I don't like him. Why should I go out with him?"
"Oh, I dunno. You just haven't had a boyfriend in almost two years and I'm afraid you're going to start being desperate, that's all."


I sat there for a moment, having already had a miserable day, and now my friend was telling me about this other guy that she could set me up with if I didn't like the guy who likes me.

Why me?

And now for something completely different....

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Anonymous said...

Might as well rant about something. Sounds as if you could use a bit of lay it on girl!

Miss Logan

Sarah said...

Well, unless you like him, too (and not just because you've chosen not to have a boyfriend in 2 years) I say it's a no-go. You've got loads of dating years ahead; just wait till college :)

How's that for completely unsolicited advice from an old married lady? ;)