Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Does anyone see monkeys flying...

..somewhere other than my snow globe? I applied for a job today at Kroger and at a few of the many Mickey D's here in town. I would have applied at Subway, but you had to print off the application.


I am not an athletic person, as many of you know. But four-square volleyball is such an easy version of volleyball that even my much-too-heavy self can enjoy, appreciate, and be remotely good at. But nevertheless, there are always those people that manage to overcomplicate things. i.e. The Preps.

You know, preps. Plastics. Phonies. Fakes. But I digress. We were playing FSV in gym today and we had these two girls on the team. You know the type. The girls who think that everyone thinks that they are just sooooooo gorgeous and everyone wants to see them and revel in their glory. When really all we want to do is give them a nice swift kick in the pants and tell them to take advice from the Scarecrow and "only have a brain". But alas, they can't/don't. Which makes me want to deck them. So these two girls get on our team and they are on the front line. So this girl, no lie, watches the other team hit the ball over the net and her eyes follow it down to the floor as it hits.

*smacks forehead* AY DIOS!!!!!

To add to my frustration, her buddy sits there giggling and says, and I quote, "Oh Jess, look at that. The ball hit the floor." Before erupting into giggles. You have got to be kidding me. You know, there are days when I am ashamed of my two X chromosomes. I don't think I have ever giggled a day in my life.

So now that I've had my rant for the day....

Our school district is all messed up with a scandal right now. The new principal at the middle school got caught inflating some students grades. The assistant principal took her place until the board decides what to do with the school. Those poor kids. This guy made me wear a jacket all day once for having the word "crap" on my shirt.

Speaking of drama, I had a meeting today about the spring play at school. "Welcome to the Monkey House" is an anthology of short stories by Kurt Vonnegut. Including "Harrison Bergeron". I love that story. So, this book has been adapted to a play and I am psyched!! I got my monologue and it's really depressing. I will give more details later because I have to go now.

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