Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Peace! Land! Bread! A New Name!

I feel the outcry from the masses. Thus far, 83.3% of you have demanded a new name for About Abosolutely Nothing. So, while I have my own ideas, what are your thoughts? Should this change include a new URL? What names do you like? Comments please?


the lizness said...

I would say leave your url the same, but that's just my thought.

Theresa said...

How about "Rebecca's Ramblings"?? It fits your eclectic style. ; )

Jewel said...

Yes, I agree with Liz, leave the url the same, please? *grin* Okay, just off the top of my head: Only I Could Have Said It
Yes, I'm For Real
Yes, You Heard It Here First

I Shook My Head And This Is What Came Out!

I know that last one is kind of long but I love it!!! *smile*
Do you want more ideas?? I have tons of them! *grin*
Oh, Oh, I have another one!
"I Never Said It Would Make Sense"

Jewel said...

Oh, that last one could have said:
"I Never Promised Any of This Would Make Sense"
"Take Me Or Leave Me"
"Becky:Plain and Complicated;That's Me"

Okay, I'll stop! *smile*