Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wheel of Monotony

My dad has me doing something (once again) that is extremely boring. I have to type up 600 labels. Ugggggggggggh...

So I have my iPod playing on shuffle at the moment. Trying to keep myself entertained while doing this. Once again...uggggh.

I figure it is good practice, though. Tomorrow I am filling out an application for Starbucks in Kroger. Woohoo! I'm gonna be a workin' woman! I dunno if I should be excited or not. I really need to start earning my own money though. I can't (as nice as this would be) mooch off of my dad forever. Unfortunately. While I'm sure that I still have a few more years before my parents shove me out the door, I really should accept a little responsibility. Not too much though. Don't want to overexert myself. :) I'll keep you posted on the job situation. Keep your fingers crossed!


the lizness said...

I'm all for you earning real money, as opposed to eternally sponging off the parental units.

Although occasional sponging does no harm whatsoever.

Me said...

Uh-Oh! More labels????????
So soon after so many others! LOL
Sorry about that Becky! (d'ya get mom to take up some slack?) :o)

Could be a future in label making!
(I see you glaring at me) :o)

Jewel said...

Okay, now I don't know what the labels are for but save the info and you can reuse it again without having to type it over,k? Make sure you do that!
Years ago when our church did mass mailings we had to type each envelope out! It was tedious and unbelievable! I loooooove technology!!! *smile*
Now, about the job....how cooooollll!!! Starbucks, no less!! That would be a great first job, if you can remember how to make all of those different coffee combos: medium double mocha lattee fat free decaf extra whipped cream please (how do those people do it????? :-o) I'm praying for you, Becky!! *smile*