Monday, December 11, 2006

Pantafluffs Hosadaz

Today was a loooong day. I was so ready to be out of school it was not funny. When I got home today it was such a relief. Here's the LD (look at me tryin' to be cool using initials.)
This weekend (beginning at the beginning) I got a call from my friend Blondie (using codenames because there are people who read my blog who know these people and I don't want to offend, but need to vent. Sorry. Leave me a comment and scold me if I shouldn't do it anymore) on my cell. At least that's what my caller ID said. I picked up the phone. So not Blondie. It was rather Scissors (sorry. My codenames need help. Feel free to make suggestions) who is Blondie's serious boyfriend's brother who according to my aunt, uncle, and several good friends likes me. Ick. But, hastening on, I asked Scissors how he had gotten Blondie's phone, and why he was calling me. He explained that Blondie had told him that he should call me just to talk. Not sure whether I should laugh it off or get very very mad at Blondie, I politely explained to Scissors that I could not talk at the moment, said good-bye politely, and hung up. I thought that I handled the situation like a lady, Thank you much. I still haven't decided whether to laugh or explode. Laughing seems to be better. I may go with that.
In second period today, my day kind of took a nosedive. I had to give my PowerPoint on Child Abuse in Parenting and I really hate public speaking. I stammered, but Mrs. Melick told me that I did great. She's nice like that. She asked me to come up during third period to work on these stockings that FCCLA is making for KCH (the local hospital) , the local domestic abuse shelter, and this program to place juveniles with legal problems (their parents are in trouble, not them). I got rubber cement all over my fingers. It was icky. (I love that word) That wasn't so much a bad part of the day so much as the fact that it felt like 6th period alreay in 3rd. In Bio, I got my test that I was sure that I bombed back. I got a 73% which is not nearly as bad as I supected, but still pretty bad. Spanish was pretty fun as usual. It always perks up my day. We played a review game and I won and got a Homework Pass to use at my liesure. It was all good. Unfortunately, on the way to lunch, my day went down again. I had to miss about ten minutes of lunch due to a bloody nose. Ick. To make it worse, I was wearing a white sweatshirt. Double ick. Thank goodness I had gotten my Spanish Club T-Shirt today. After the crimson stream stopped I changed in the bathroom. My shirt was both unstained and stylish, so it was all good.
When I got home from school, I watched Ice Age 2 with my sister. It is really cute. Then I got online and checked my page views. They have gone way up. Blogging Chicks was a good idea, let me tell you (thanks again for adding me, Michele). We ate dinner and then I decided that I would teach my sister, who loves all things "Dorla" and Spanish, some stuff from my Spanish lesson today. If you ask her to tell you "pink slippers", she will now giggle and say "pantafluffs hosadaz" (her version of "pantuflas rosadas"). It is too cute for words.

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