Saturday, December 23, 2006


I dare someone to tell me that I am not a good big sister!
I started a scarf for Gabri about a month ago and kind of left it alone until today. She has been raving about how "Becky is making me a scarf" and so finally this morning I got so guilty I caved and worked on it.
The initial thought was "no way am I going to get this thing done before Christmas" and decided that it might just be better to let her find joy in that Feliz Navidad Dora that is wrapped and under the tree for her. But wow did I realize how much you can get done if you take NO breaks from knitting all day. (except for the occasional 5-10 minute stop to eat or do chores) What was this morning a 4 inch piece of knotted yarn is now a beautiful 2 1/2 foot scarf. Which she loves. And is wearing to church tomorrow. I will post pictures later. The unfortunate side effect of my good deed was the fact that my right hand (the hand that I have to do most of the tying and weaving with) feels like it is going to shrivel up and die. It hurts bad. Very bad.
But it is a pretty scarf. Very pretty.
In my humble opinion.

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