Thursday, December 7, 2006

In Intercessory Prayer

Guess who has their PJ's on inside out and is praying for a snow day? ME!! 1 inch supposed to fall tonight and already some on the ground. PRAY SAINTS, PRAY!!!

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Cherie said...

Nope, no way...nadda!
Pray that you miss school???
Only if you pray that the power goes out and I get out of work the next real snow day! :o)'ll make for a good story you can some day pass down to your kids - "I stood out in below zero weather to wait on the bus" (you your dad walked 5 miles uphill in 6 feet of snow sorta thing!) :o)

You seriously don't think school's going to be cancelled for just an inch of groundcover do you??? in my day ....we had to dig a path down the driveway and couldn't even see the bus coming!

Get outta here!!!! :o)