Monday, December 4, 2006

A Full Day

After praying intently last night that the flurries we had, combined with the 19 degree temperatures, would lead to a snow day, only to have my dreams split at the seams, I grudgingly came to school today. I turned in my mungo position paper, thankful to have it out of my life and on to my permenent record forever and continued on with my boring life. In Parenting we had a serious scare. One of the girls in my class apparently told the girl next to her that she felt like she was going to pass out. Her friend told her to tell Mrs.Melick. The girl then fell over off of her chair onto the floor. Her eyes were wide open and she was twitching. We all got sent out of the room and were given strict orders to work on the worksheet we had been doing. Of course, none of us could concentrate, so we all just kind of sat there. Her dad came and is taking her to the doctor and she appeared to be ok, just really tired and shaken up. So now I am sitting here in Study Hall, being bored as ever. Here's the most recent excerpt from my project:

Setting: Local hermitage. Two hours later. A rugged looking gentleman (Hermit 1) is sitting by a fire roasting what appears to be a sewer rat.

Hermit 1: [has French accent] Aha! Magnifique! Sewer rat!
[Hermit 2 enters, carrying what appears to be a club and a cloth bag with the words “Ye Olde Piggly Wiggly” written on it.]
Hermit 2: [has Scottish accent] Aha! Stoatin! Sewer rat!
Hermit 1: [glares at Hermit 2] Now see here, good fellow! This is my sewer rat. I have roasted and salted it to the perfection that is required for French cuisine, so you must just run along.
Hermit 2: Sir, I have not eaten in days! Please give me just a morsel of that magnificent creature!
Hermit 1: [spots a steak, pork roast, and head of lettuce in Hermit 2’s bag] Well, what do you call that?
Hermit 2: Call what?
Hermit 1: That there in your bag,
Hermit 2: [ stares at bag and then throws it behind him] What bag?
Hermit 1: Kind sir, I presume you to be a thief.
[Arthur and Bedivere enter stage left and stare at the confrontation between the two hermits with interest, confusion and disgust.]
Hermit 2: You dare insult me sir?
Hermit 1: That I do.
Hermit 2: Well, then, [raises club and charges] ON GUARD!!!
[Hermit 1 pulls a glistening sword out, presumably out of no where, and chops off Hermit 2’s head. Hermit 2 runs around for a bit without his head and then falls over, twitching.]

It is Monty Python-esque, isn't it?

Next period, I have a lab report to turn in and after school I have an FCCLA meeting. A very full day.

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Cherie said...

Becky, are you writing this stuff after Lab??? (was there a chemical spill?) LOL!!!!!! :o)

You sound as bad as me, hoping that the power goes out so I don't have to work! (like sitting around in the dark and cold, bored, is a better thing!) :-P

Hope the girl was okay - my daughter had seizures as a teen, and that was so scary to watch! :-/