Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I absolutely love this thanksgiving. As I guy in my Bio I class said, it is a day to celebrate overeating and dysfunctional families. That makes it a true American holiday. I am not going to do the cliche blog post about how nobody is really greatful for what they have or that this Thanksgiving you should consider how lucky you are. I mean, really, shouldn't you do that anyway instead of boxing it all up for one month out of the year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know that on the "words of wisdom" on announcements here at school that everyone "loves" so much, they have been saying how ungrateful we are all week. But instead, here's a challenge. Listen to those people who say "think of how fortunate you are" but then, after Christmas is over, don't box it up. Keep it. That way, you'll be a lot happier.

And nobody will have to here all of the cliches next year as an added bonus.

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Theresa said...

Such words of wisdom from a 16 yr. old!! I think your father is rubbing off on you! **big smile** (This is not necessarily a bad thing.)