Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh Happy Day

Today I had to go to the dentist. I was definately expecting a cavity. So I go in and they take the x-rays and clean my teeth with that nasty strawberry toothpaste and some yummy grape flouride. They are sparkly now. So, anyway, after my teeth were sparkly the dentist comes in and says "We have a problem with your x-rays."
I knew it. "I have a cavity, don't I?"
"Actually, no. Your teeth look great."
"Actually, your wisdom teeth are going to need extracted."
"Oh, goody."

I think I would have taken the cavity. Don't know when yet, but 4 of my precious teeth are going to meet Mr. Scalpel sometime soon.

Enter the video that I have embedded. It is a scene from Sister Act 2. Starts out kind of slow, but keep watching. It gets pretty funny.

P.S. About the play. I will post about it later when my dad lets me put up pictures and a video.


Dad said...

I love that video!

Cherie (FaeriFlora) said...

Gee, I only have *1* wisdom tooth and didn't get that till just this year - talk about long-overdue knowledge!!! :-P (and it came in crooked, so I'm sure will soon be coming out...better get busy and write down everything I know before I go from wise to foolish!) :o}

You tell your dad you want BIG BUCKS for those babies!!! ;-)