Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bad news/Good news

For those of you revolting over my lack of Munchkin costume pictures- take the picketing to my dad. He deleted the pictures without uploading. Oops. Sorry.

Now on a much better note, my aunt and uncle came to church to preach for us. 3 got the Holy Ghost! SWEET! It was amazing. Afterwards we went to Carraba's which I love. I got Chicken Bryan as usual. It was delish. So during dinner my Aunt Julie turns to me and says "Hey Becky, do you remember that I told you I had something for you for your birthday?"
"Yeah." I mean really, am I going to forget potential presents?
"Well technically it is not from me."
"Oh. It's not?"
"No. Before Grandma Ryan passed away she gave me something and asked me to hold on to it and give it to you when you turned 16. I took it to Tupelo with me when I left and got it cleaned and I've held onto it since. I think now is a good time for you to have it."
So, then she handed me a little green box. I opened in it and inside there was another box. Inside of that box was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. It was my Great-Great Grandma Deiffenderffer's (mouthful isn't it) engagement ring. It is absolutely beautiful. I took pictures but I can't figure out how to upload them, so I will later. I cannot stop looking at it. Later my aunt told me the story about why Grandma hadn't given it to me. When she died I was 10. She wanted me to have it, but thought I was too young. She thought that when I was 16 I would understand and appreciate it a lot more than I would have when I was 10. I think she was right.


Liz said...

Oh my! I remember seeing that ring a few times. That's a treasure.

Happy birthday all over again!

Jewel said...

How very wonderful, Becky! I am so thrilled and happy for you. Truly, your grandma was a special lady,hm?? ((HUGS))

Theresa said...

Just when you think things can't get any better you get a gift from the great beyond!!! What a wonderful thing to have!!