Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Clunky Shoe Season

It's fall again. Which means....... PEOPLE BREAK OUT THE CLUNKY SHOES!!I have on my Doc Martens, which I love. My dad asked me if I was glad and I said that although I love flip-flop season, I love clunky shoe season as well.

So as for my Agenda today. I have school, but I get out early. I am especially looking forward to (not) Parenting class today. We are watching *gag* The Miracle of Birth. Ok, I watched a movie similar to that last year, and those movies are only fun when CSG is sitting in the front row making commentary (probably because he is an idiot, but a funny one). So, yeah. Good times. Not. I am going to miss my Geometry test. I love that class. Why can't I miss Parenting instead? Why?

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