Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ok, Deep breath...

Well, apparently the world hasn't come to an end.....yet. So, I know all of you were on edge, but you can calm down now. LOL. Tonight is my last night that I can stay up until all hours, because *gag* school starts on Thursday. I have my back to school outfit ready to go and I am going to try to do this one flippy thingy to my hair that Cassie taught me how to do at camp. I got to school today to pick up my schedule and was greeted in the middle of the hallway by Rachel. She informed me that as she approached the table to get her schedule, they had closed. Darn. So I have to go back tomorrow and get it. I got a new lunchbox today. I haven't used a lunchbox since I was in 5th grade, but I am sick and tired of my lunch bag breaking and the contents spilling everywhere while the upperclassmen laugh in my direction. So I got a lunchbox. It is very cool and if the digital camera was working, I would put a picture up of the actual lunchbox, but instead I put up a picture of a lunchbox of the same brand and colors, just not style. Why? Because I can.

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