Saturday, August 5, 2006

Camp Reveiw

:30. First time I have been in my own house in 3 weeks! My bedroom is alomost completely empty right now, as are Gabri's bedroom and the bathroom. We haven't even put our house on the market yet. So much for that leap of faith. LOL. I am going to be homeschooling until the move because-
I think it will be easier going from home to school that way
I have already got all of the tears out of the way and don't want to redo that
Soooooo...homeschool it is. Yipee. So, anyway, camp update. Got to camp at about 3:30 Monday afternoon.Unpacked and got settled in time for dinner. My bed was actually fairly comfortable this week. Two stacked matresses that were very squishy. I had a dresser next to my bed, and a upper bunk with no mattress that I originally intended for my 56798097809740975902475093850 pairs of shoes that I brought, but it ended up being that and a resting places for all of the other 18 girls purses and stuff. Still nice though. If you have stayed in either the girls or boys pit at camp you know how wonderful shelf/dresser space is. LOL. The people that had beds around me were all really fun too.Kelli, Katie and Deedee on one side and Brittany from Middleport on the other. Kelli, Katie and I talked alot at extremely late/early hours when we couldn't get to sleep. Brittany is just extremely fun to talk to. For example last night we were talking and near Middleport there was this bridge called the Silver Bridge and awhile back it collapsed and there is this huge legend surrounding it about this thing called the Mothman. There's a movie about it and Brittany was telling me how lame the movie is and then told me the real story. Creepy stuff. And we talked about Walker Texas Ranger and Dateline (My dad calls her Dateline-girl, because when we were in Middleport looking at the church, she is so addicted to Dateline that she would always talk about it. LOL) So anyway, a not fun thing was that Wednesday and Thursday I was really sick. Cassie and Deedee had had the flu and I don't know what the deal was but I got sick, but not as bad as them. Still feel a little sick, but much better. Ummmm...what else? Oh, yesterday I about had a coronary. I was sitting at a table with Sis.Jewel and I had told her that this guy I have liked forever was coming that night. He and his family were at the table across from us and I pointed him out. Well, then he went by our table and I said "Hey, Nathanael!" and so he, who has the greatest smile I know of, smiles the biggest smile on earth at me and says "Oh, Hi!" I about melted. LOL. Sis.Jewel said something about him having a smile that could melt butter on bread or something like that. LOL. Oh, speaking of which, Sis. Jewel got healed Thursday night in Bro.Stoneking's service. It's awesome! Well, that's about all with camp. If I think about anything else I will post later.


Theresa said...

Becky, the Silver Bridge spanned the Ohio River just above Gallipolis. I was in a car that was 3 cars from getting on the bridge when it collapsed. My Dad was taking me to visit my grandmother. I don't know about any legend surrounding the bridge collapse, but I do know that I have always been extremely scared of driving across long bridges.

The Muffin said...

Wow, that must have been scary. Yeah, there was this prophecy about the bridge falling and about 100 sightings of the "Mothman". There was another prophecy awhile back that said that when the Memorial Bridge, which is where the Silver Bridge collapsed, has all green cars on it, it will collapse. Creepy stuff. They made a movie about the whole legend.