Saturday, July 8, 2006

Guys and the "Lunchline Theory"

This week I camped at the Ohio District UPCI Campgrounds for 15+ camp. It was a blast. Went swimming and heard great preaching. Lots of sports and made new friends. On Monday night however, we actually had a tornado touch down outside of Buckeye Lake. We were all evacuated to the basement. Everyone was fine and no damage was done. This week at camp there was the largest registered crowd ever at the campgrounds. 361 campers. Wow! This caused lines to be very long. While standing in line with my mother we noticed someone familiar in front of us. Mom whispered "Uh-oh, It's he who must not be named." This is a guy that for the sake of my own personal safety from mocking for those who don't know this whole story I will call _____.

When I was about 7-8 years old, I began Junior Bible Quizzing on the Mount Vernon team. While in that first fateful year of quizzing I met ____ and thought he was very cute. I liked him a ton. So much so, that when I got a little older, 10 or so, I would follow _____ around everywhere. We were friends and I remember one occasion, when we were about 10 or 11 where, at a quiz meet in February, about 3 inches of snow were on the ground and he decided to challenge me to a snowball fight. I lost.


I was wearing a coat with no gloves and ____ was wearing a ski jacket with gloves. He completely demolished me. For 2 years I tried to get him back. No such luck. Well, eventually ____ figured out that I liked him which put a strain on things, but we still talked and everything and eventually I THOUGHT I had convinced him that I didn't like him anymore. I don't know if that was really true but when we were 13 years old (He was 14. He is 3 months and 27 days older than me), we were at camp and I found out that he liked a very good friend of mine and he would always want to hang out with her and yada yada yada. Well, the last few days he would always ask if I wanted to come along with them too. Not like a third wheel or anything either. We would just walk around and talk and actually, and this is one of my many hidden talents, he and my friend are the ones who taught me how to unwrap Starbursts with my tongue that summer. Well, we went on after summer and the next summer something happened at camp. I heard a rumor. A very bad one. About ______. And even though I knew better and knew that he would never do something like that, I believed it anyway. It made me very very mad. So mad that I would try to avoid him as much as possible while still admiring how cute he was from afar. Well, word got back to him that I "hated" him, which for a while I guess I kinda thought I did. And he found out why I "hated" him. Well, so this brings me back to the line that my mother and I were standing in, waiting to register with ____ right in front of us. This is why my mom said "he who must not be named". Well, as soon as I saw him I think "Oh Crap. This week is ruined." Well, that's because I didn't know how crazy camp can be. Through the grapevine this week I heard some things that proved that the rumor I heard was a lie. I felt so incredibly guilty. I cried. I couldn't believe that I had just gone and believed something like that without even asking _____. So I talked to a mutual friend and she decided to help me out. Now, usually in my life, when things go this way, and people try to "help", it explodes. This time it didn't. Shockingly. Tuesday-Thursday I became very good at dodging him. Well, on Friday, I was watching basketball for obvious reasons (_____ was playing) and I was still worrying what I was gonna do. Well, I am sitting on the grass and he comes and sits down next to me. I didn't know why. Well, apparently he didn't know I was there because after about 5 minutes I hear the startled "Oh, hi Becky! I didn't see you sitting there." Never once did he mention about me being a bad person and my major guilty conciense. We sat there and talked about normal stuff like my impending move and my siblings and cards and stuff like that. I was so glad.

So what exactly is the "Lunchline Theory"?

At camp this week with 361 campers, people would line up about 45 minutes before a meal to get a good spot. Especially lunch. Now quite honestly I dunno why people even bothered. Because even if you were first in line, people would push and shove and end up getting to the goal before you. My experience with _____ has been somewhat like the lunchline. I have liked him for 7 or 8 years. However, I have watched as he meets other girls and they like him and he likes them and all this stuff goes on and they "are a thing but the aren't" and it seems a lot like the lunchline. I'm not even talking about like-liking them. They all have a chance to be closer and become good friends and all that and I am stuck in the lunchline. I know I sound irrational but hey, I'm 15! I have had to watch this guy whisper sweet nothings, well maybe not sweet nothings but they looked pretty secret in that conversation to me, to this girl who, by the way is blonde and very thin, unlike me, and it bugs me!! I have liked him since I was 7! I have been standing in the line for ages!! I can't even be good friends with him. Maybe some of this is my own fault but I dunno. It really annoys me.

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