Thursday, June 22, 2006

New cell phone and such...

HOLA!!!! a new phone today! It rox!! It has "voice memo" on it....AKA... record ringtones off of ur computer. HAHAHA!! It rocks!! So I have my very small capacity of 7 ringtones on my phone including....

Seasons of Love
Light my candle
The Nanny theme song
Dirty Little Secret
Dancing Queen (for those of you who were unfortunate enough not to grow up in a disco-loving home, that's ABBA by the way)
Don't let me get me

My room is pretty much packed now. What isn't packed, is going to camp with me, or I need, or is furniture. I have a whopping 25 containers full in my room. Plus 1 already in Minerva. So that's that. I am doing absolutely nothing at the moment. I'm not tired but I have nothing to do.

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