Friday, May 12, 2006


This week has been pretty long. We've had that dumb fitness testing all week and played baseball today in gym, none of which are on my fun n' games list. So I am glad it's a weekend. My friend Rachel wants me to come over tonight and I am waiting for mom and dad to answer. SSo we'll see. Today I had a vocab test in English. I think I got an A on it. Turned in my essay. Apparently 24% of it is "plagerized". I used quotes alot though, so Mrs. Humphrey said it was ok. In Algebra we are doing "advanced trinomials". Boy, those are fun. It is a common misconception that I hate math. That's really not true. I do like math. It just frustrates me. I would be able to express my fondness for it a lot easier. I kind of get this math so I like it a lot better. Well, there is not much going on on this end so I'm outta here.

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