Friday, May 19, 2006


Tonight my cousin, Mistie is coming over. I am ecstatic! It is gonna be a blast! I got Ben & Jerry's ice cream and we're watching Titanic to make fun of the smurf boogers scene (although i will still cry probably, lol) If you've read my Xanga, you'll know that my life is complicated at the moment. It'll be nice to have fun for a little bit. Not much else to talk about. My life is boring at the moment. LOL.

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Jewel said...

I hope you have a fun, wonderful evening!! I can't believe you are going to watch Titanic AGAIN!!! But anywayyyy......have a great time. We are taking the youth to a Section 3 lock-in in Zanesville. Bro. Zink will be speaking to us at some point during the night, so it should be a great time. Love you, girl!