Wednesday, May 3, 2006

I hate musicals

For some reason I cannot listen to a musical or see one without getting at least one of the songs stuck in my head. You can imagine how terrible this is for me because..."Darling, I live for the thee-a-tuh". I have seen Beauty and the Beast twice on Broadway, and Mama Mia once, have seen the movie of Rent (REEEEEEALLY wanna see the musical), and am obsessed with Wicked (WANT TO SEE THIS THE MOSTEST!! And I am really obsessed. See hamsters name) Anyway, to the left is my favorite Broadway actress,Idina Menzel (although I have never seen her on Broadway, but have seen her in the movie of Rent, and have the soundtracks to Wicked and Rent, which she starred/costarred in) Here she is in whatever year holding up her Tony for Best Actress in a Musical (Wicked). Here is my "what the hay" thought of the day. At this Tony Awards thing she also preformed Defying Gravity in full Elphaba costume, green face and all. So, since she did that before she accepted her award I am thinking "Wow that is some talent..No green in sight." So anyway, here is the Defying Gravity thing.. Enjoy!

P.S. Dad did u notice that the guy announcing them is the original Wizard of Oz? The high pitched, very original voice kinda gives it away..


Don said...

Yeah, that would be Joel Grey. He is a Broadway institution.

The Muffin said...

oooooh i see. verrrry nice