Saturday, April 8, 2006

Lazy Days

I've been recovering from the flu the past couple of days so I haven't been able to go anywhere. I have ached and just felt sick since Thursday afternoon. Well, my one of my best friends, Rachel, came over yesterday to see if I was ok and we talked for a little bit but today she called and was picking on me again.
Rachel:Hi Loser
M:Yeah, I know who this is now.
R:haha. Ok, I have to gloat. Guess what I am Tivo-ing right now?
M:NO!! It's wouldn't be that mean!

Well, apparently she would be that mean. I guess it's an HBO special or something because apparently it was on during spring break too. Well, I am supposed to come over sometime and watch it. I have been thriving off of clips from YouTube while I've been sick, because I don't own Evita or Titanic. So I have to make do with little bits and pieces. Well, here are some clips. The first one always makes me bawl...except for when it is isolated like this. You can't really get the whole essence of it. Sis.Jewel, am I right? Is this first clip sad?

*sniffle* Ok, here's a clip that is not so sad from Evita.

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