Monday, April 10, 2006

Another Post

Well, that's not all that detailed of a post but hey. I didn't really know what I was gonna write about. I still don't. That's not good. I'm listening to the Stand-up Comedy station on Launchcast and not much else. I've finished all my homework and I don't have anything else to do. Today I went to my friend Rachel's house because we were supposed to study because I have an algebra test tomorrow. Well, we ended up studying in the car and at Penney's because her mom her go to get a new outfit for her cousin's wedding. They never by skirts so it was funny because they kept asking me what I thought because "you buy skirts all the time". It was kind of funny. They had one really cute outfit. It was this really long flowy green skirt, a tank top, and a short sleeve white jacket. Her mom had settled on it and then when Rachel went back to change to leave, her mom brought back 5 outfits!!! So her mom decided that she liked another outfit, so we were taking it to the check-out and her mom says "Oh, never mind. We'll just come back a different day." So we were there for almost an hour and they never did settle on an outfit. We ended up going to Hardee's and I got a cheeseburger and mint-chocolate-chip milkshake. They were really good. Well, what I tasted of my cheeseburger at least. Because I brought it home, and was sitting on the porch with one foot under me, my foot got caught in my skirt and I fell down the stairs on my porch. My hamburger flew out of my hands and my dog ate it. That wasn't fun. The milkshake was delicous though. Well, here's the clip of the day I guess. Hope you enjoy it. It's from Pirates of the Carribbean. hahaha. Sooooooooooo funny. Enjoy!

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