Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Vacation, Day 2

Well, besides staying up till 12:17 AM last night watching the GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!! (see previous post) I have had an excellent time here so far. Today ( after I slept in until 11 AM. Hey! I was up late!)we traveled to the wonderous burgs of Athens and The Plains. We (Sis.Jewel and I) went to Daniel and Erin's house for a little bit to see the gigantic NCAA brackets (and believe me..these are huge) and visit for a little bit. We went to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and then went shopping at Staples, Wal-Mart, and Cato. I don't believe I have ever spent 2 hours in Wally World but I did today.We got home about 30 minutes ago, after cruising around Ohio University and such. So I have had a great day. I think we are going to watch the Wedding Planner tonight.
"We are going to take Stiv to the center for the physical fitness. We are going to do the manly bonding."

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S.H. said...

Hey Becky! Anyone who reads this website should know Becky is an awsome friend and a great christian! You go girl!