Tuesday, February 14, 2006

No Smilies?

Well, there are no smilies for this holiday. This holiday does not make me want to smile. But I only have17 hours of it left so I will deal with it. My dad helped me make the day a little better. We looked at the online lunch menu for my school and neither choice was a winne so dad gave me $3, which is 1 extra. i knew my dad was wonderful. haha. so yeah that is great. what is not great is that my friend jessica was greeted at the door of school by her boyfriend holding a dozen long stemmed roses and a box of chocolates. *gag* must everything be thrown in my face?yes, i know i am better. this is one day that i really envied aaron. why couldn't i be home with strep throat rather than see the cause of the floral industry's skyrocketing profits being handed to my classmates. that's just not fun.....

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